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Atheists vs. Rick Perry

And remember boys and girls in Texas get on your knees if your get something done in our culture because its prayer that does it and its nothing to do with hard work or intelligence.


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Should Christians Be Classified As Terrorists?

I am posing this question in the wake of Blair Scott appearing on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and the reactions we have had the opportunity to read from the viewers of Fox news viewers who claim to be loving caring Christians.  A lawsuit has been filed by the American Atheists in New York to stop a religious symbol from being displayed at the former site of the World Trade Center which is propagating this ongoing debate.

We, in the United States, have been told since September 11, 2001 that are biggest threat facing us and our way of life was Muslim extremists who wanted us dead and to destroy America.

Fast forward ten years later and ask yourself a question, have you been threatened by or affected by any of these groups? We all know the answer is no. Contrast that with the threats from Christians we as Atheist Americans with which we have had to deal. I feel more threatened by my christian neighbors and Americans who claim to be Christian and not a make believe hate group concocted to justify an ongoing war.

Click here to read how your friendly neighborhood Christians feel about those who don’t think the way they do.

American Christians have now threatened the lives of other Americans because of their belief in an invisible being. In the past they would keep their passive aggressive hate to themselves, today they expect those who do not believe as they do to assimilate and bow down to them as they continue to push their way into everything in this country and attempt to re-write history and make the populace believe we are a Christian nation when nothing could be further from the truth.

The argument to religious symbolism at Ground Zero should be simple.  Not one religious group should have the right to place any symbol or be represented at this site, because without religion this tragedy would have never taken place.  Placing a cross at this site would be no different than Jackie O wearing a sniper riffle pendent around her neck after President Kennedy was assassinated.

Christians have this notion that we in this county should have to follow what ever they say because their belief supersedes anyone or anything else, including the constitution. Religion and delusional belief is what brought down the Towers on 911 and not Free thinking non believers.  I lost friends on that day and I know so many others that lost close family members, wives, husbands and children.  Placing a cross at this place is an insult to all of those people who lost their lives because one group thinks their invisible super hero is more powerful than another when all of them are the same invisible imaginary friends that do not have place in a society that is in need of progression.

So the question posed, are Christians Terrorists? That depends on your definition of terrorists. I think threatening the lives of people in your own country who don’t believe as you do would constitute a ‘yes’ answer.  Was it not George W. Bush Jr. that told us even words were a threat to our liberty? Maybe its time we take each one of these Christians that have spewed all of this hate on Facebook as serious threats as we did every other group and send them to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for a good waterbording and interrogation. If its good for one delusional group it should be good for all, if they are threatening innocent Americans that are just trying to live a life of peace and freedom.
It is rationalism that will get us out of this fake war on terror and bad economy and letting go of the delusion that got us there in the first place.  Religion is destroying our nation and its time we take it back.

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The fear of death & The beginning of coming out of delusion

The fear of death & the beginning of coming out of delusion.

There are many layers to the process of coming out of religion and controlled belief.  No single thought is more terrifying as the fear of death and one of the first major hurdles one has to make it over before you truly let go of religion and the effects on your psyche.

The reason you experience this sensation and fear it so much is because it’s the first time you have ever had to come to grips with how finite your life is and that you can’t waste it anymore the way you have.
You fear death because you were programed to believe that what you did now did not mater and the world was a broken place.  You then came to the realization that we all make the world and the world around us and it was not from the sky.  It’s a very strong and overwhelming experience, one that makes you have so much fear inside that you believe your going to die at any moment and it makes you feel like your having an outer body experience and you think that people around you think your crazy even though they don’t have a clue of what your thinking or struggling with in your head.

We all have our way of walking through this phase of overcoming religion and for some they get over it quickly and for others it takes significantly more time.  I know for me it took 4 years until this sensation went away and I overcame it through going skydiving.  It was a moment in my life where I fully let go and committed to the unknown from 15 thousand feet, free falling for 1 min.  When my feet hit the ground or I slid on my but however you want to look at it, I was forever changed because from that day on I never felt that awful sensation religion conditions you to feel each day. It went away and I could breath for the first time since I was a kid. When this sensation goes away you will begin to exponentially grow faster in your mind every day and make peace inside with yourself in ways you never thought possible.  You will enjoy your life everyday and know that each moment counts not the bill of false goods you were sold.  You won’t hesitate in your seeking of new things to experience and you will see your life as an adventure meant to be lived and not spent walled behind a white picket fence in a fabricated house full of materialistic objects that can’t have a conversation with you and give you anything back other then a receipt and a wasted day at the mall.

What you fear truly is living because you have never done it before. Instead you were lured into believing you were just fine after you died and you would become an invisible space vampire granted eternal life from a hippy father figure that supposedly lived thousands of years ago because a book told you that your were supposed to believe it. Very simple put that’s the absurdity you are breaking inside so really look at what it is and face it.

What you should do now is be grateful and thankful that you have a chance to live and know what it feels like to be alive each day and how meaningful that notion truly is.  Don’t be afraid of one more day in your life !! You won’t even know why you have been fighting yourself so hard when you feel alive.  Embrace the fact you can feel air in your lungs, the birds are chirping and the sun feels good on your skin and that is without one chemical in your body other than the one on your shoulders.  I know I’m being far to casual about this.  I was so scared when I was going through this that I became paralyzed from it to the point of having panic attacks everyday.

I have not experienced the fear of death in many years now and infact I fear more not living life to the fullest each day and doing my best to leave something behind of value that will help others many years after I’m not here.  If you are in this phase of breaking religion, do not give up because it’s the finish line after you break this.  I don’t mean that life will become magical and easy I just mean you will finally appreciate the little things in life, the simple. Only you will know when you are there because it will be the moment you don’t fear your life but rather how much you appreciate every moment of it and your experiences will then become deeper, more fulfilling and have more meaning than they ever had when you were on you knees talking to your imaginary friend.

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An Oldie But a Goodie

The correct message on Bunny, chocolate, died egg day! Enjoy!

Our Obligation When We Are Free From Religion

We have an obligation to help others in our community of thought. We often times spend a great deal of it making jokes, being satirical or being ultra political and forget that we all have an obligation to truly be there to support each other and be encouraging to those that are just coming out of the delusion of religion.

I know I’m just as guilty when a lot of my writing comes from a place that is satirical and is sometimes demanding.

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I’m at least trying to put something out there that will help others while they are going through the pendulum that swings back and fourth through their head while they are having a battle in their mind on whether they are a good person because they think and question things around them. This is going on while the people around them do not think or relate to anything they have to say and think they are the crazy one.  I can only relate to my own experience, but that’s the very short version.

Friends and family are to preoccupied with talking about the weather, dancing with the stars or the latest thing in the news. It’s mental torture to people who crave intellectual conversation. Having been there, I would say that is how it felt for me overcoming religion- mental torture on a daily basis for years.

The golden rule for life is ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.  This saying has been hijacked by religion BUT is the true foundational moral obligation one takes away from when religion when the indoctrination of the mind is finally broken. All of you that have also gone through this will understand where that principal comes from without a doubt and relate to it the same way.

You wish, when first freed, you were really taught this way of thinking while growing up and you don’t feel as if you would have been such an asshole to others when you were a religious dumb-bot because you were so morally superior in your mind at that time from programing.

It is my moral obligation to give back to others that are going through this process. Hopefully to help them shorten the battling with their self while becoming a post theist.

When you see what kind of person you were when you were a part of that vernacular you often don’t like what you see at first with respect to yourself. Your true self image is one that you have to gain true perspective on, not the one projected to you from others that are not inside of you and are not you.

We owe it to our fellow man to leave behind a world where thought still exists so we can evolve to a place of new exploration and discover beyond this world. Using our thoughts to pursue exploration of subjects that will leave behind a heritage for mankind, such as exploring space like Louis and Clark explored the US. Our minds should be used for thoughts such as these rather than a pendulum of non thought meant to keep us selfishly constantly thinking about ourselves.

We are what makes the world and the world around us, not an invisible force and not blind faith. If we leave behind more people thinking the counter thought process, this will result in the the human race De-evolving even faster then the film comedy Idiocracy.

Take a look around you now. I’m very surprised we don’t have a sports drink in our water fountains all ready. “You know it has electrolytes!! It doesn’t make the plants grow, water is for the toilette”.

Are we really far off from that? I think we are already here.  Just 40 years ago our baby boom parents actually cared about the world around them and wanted to see a better place left to all of us. I don’t know if they envisioned leaving us nothing but debt, fear, greed and delusion as a legacy. So to them, thank you so much!! Awesome job!! We are the only ones that can cause that to change. No one else is there. Just all of us. I think it’s to late for them as they believe in the lie they have created to much. So we are the ones that have to cause the change.

This is just a small reason we need to be supportive to others. I’m very grateful for people like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Reddit, because without them I don’t think I would have had the courage to read about the subject and free myself but to also write about it so as to help those that I know still live with the pain on a daily basis.

To them, hang in there! I promise it gets better and you will one day really know that too. Keep on reading, educating and becoming aware of who you truly are and don’t fear the process anymore. Embrace it as a journey and a part of who you are and your life story.

Better to have color in your story than have the story of ‘leave it to beaver’ as your life and memories. That really would be a lonely life and one very unfulfilled and wrought with remorse.  It’s also not a real life of contribution and when you finally break your dogma you will truly understand this at a very deep level and this will you give you true ambition to help others.

Never stop educating yourself and always ask “why?”.

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Post Theist Mind Adventures

I have been visiting my parents the past couple of days and it became apparent to me just how much they still, after all this time, hold on to their religious beliefs after 59 years.  I’m afraid they will never let go of their beliefs no matter how calm you talk to them they are unable to see the trees beyond the forest it hurts them to much to think outside of what they have been taught.

After all of these years, I’m still very hesitant to fully let them into my lack of belief in God because I’m afraid I will end up letting them down or worse I will somehow hurt them in a mental way and as a conscience being I don’t want to hurt them.

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I have made it clear to them in the nicest possible way my beliefs but it is obvious they believe it’s only a phase I’m going through and I will come back to their thinking, so I find it best to leave it that way.

I know it has to be hard for others sometimes when you are with family or friends that you dearly care about but you have come to the same conclusion that in this life time they will never see what you see forever clinging onto their belief no matter how many times it lets them down. They will always be apologists for their god, never being willing to realize it’s their decisions all along that are guiding them.

We, that have lived long enough, know that as time goes by life tends to throw us curve balls that we have not intended to be a part of our own life plans. We realize it’s not something or some force that is orchestrating these events-  it’s just life.  The best plan I have found after overcoming religion is no plan at all and to just enjoy life.  I’m not talking about carelessly and aimlessly wondering without any conscience thought. I’m talking about 90 day chunks of time work the best, not 5 & 10 year goal plans that will never turn out the way you thought. I find this method tends to only set you up for disappointment and a feeling of never being satisfied.  90 day chunks of time give you a good clear vision to see what is possible and to take real action toward the attainment of things you really want to accomplish in your life. It also reminds you that life is short and requires you still take the time to stop and smell the roses while going after things. It helps you to enjoy the process and the journey instead of just the end result.

If you are like most atheists, agnostics or non religious people you truly have a sense that what you do now is what counts and this is not a dress rehearsal like those preaching from the pulpit want you to believe. To Christians, its a dress up puppet show for god so he can see how you preform and he can collect money from you through out your stay on his ball of blue dust.

You have one life, live it well, take care of your self, help others in your community be something of value so as to inspire greatness in others so they can one day do the same.  It’s all of us that make this world and not the friends living in your head.

The day I fully got off of my knees and stopped being an apologist for Jesus is the day I began the process of putting my own life together brick by brick, piece by piece in a positive way.  I guess all of the time in the past I spent praying I finally realized it was no different than wasting time watching prime time television or dancing with the stars.  It’s a great distraction but the issues are still there until you face them yourself and take care of them without excuse or the invisible man as your guide, crutch or reason for not dealing with them head on.

A great example of this in the news in our culture today would be the ongoing natural disasters in Japan.  The religious side wants to take the time and pray and collect your money so a lightning bolt from the sky will take care of everything. Like tens of thousands of people killed, nuclear power plants melting down and millions of people displaced from their homes will just like magic go away. All from praying about it.

The funny thing is how much hypocrisy is in the religious view yet again with this issue. Last time I checked, do they not believe that god is all knowing all omnipotent?  So if that’s the case, would praying about this not be a futile cause and also smiting their god?  Or was this an accident by god where he was changing a bolt on Jupiter while giving it its 1 billion mile check up and by accident he dropped his wrench into the ocean thus creating the tsunami and earthquake?  That’s what praying is, a waste of time, and an act that justifies to the selfish individual an excuse they don’t have to really help anyone.  Because of course,  if you pray god will take care of all of it “nothing to worry about he’s got it”and as a christian you can now go back to your mocha latte, Chick-fil-a sandwich and your first century text book and hide.

So to you Christians, if this was an act of your god then he is a very sick man in need of a tremendous dose of lithium. It’s personal action that will help these people and that requires you getting off of your knees and for the first time helping others that really need you and not the imaginary friends that live inside of your head.  I’m afraid what we will instead see are churches using this tragedy to prey upon people through fear that god will not do this to them because he loves you and he needs checks to replace the wrench he dropped while working on Jupiter and he promises to wear a tool belt next time, so please forgive him because he forgives you.

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