May 22nd Will Be Peace On Earth For The Logical

May 22nd will Be Peace On Earth For the Logical if the news is true!!

This has to be one of the more insane messages being spread through the christian vernacular in 2011.  According to an enormous amount of christian groups May 21st 2011 is the day of judgment for the earth and the end of days.  I figure if this is true we have a lot to celebrate!  Because IF the rapture comes on this predicted day, I don’t know about you, but this could be the moment we finally have peace on earth and the end of delusion.

I propose now that we take the time to plan counter advertising and  have a huge party on May 22nd. We should get some of the best bands we can get together and throw the party of the decade- maybe the size of Live Aide in the 80’s.

All jokes aside, if you have a chance check out this video  you will see just how the insanity has risen to a new level.  You will also see how they have purchased billboards world wide in countries like Africa and South America and all across America, maybe even in a town you live in. The manipulative part is how they have purchased all of this Ad time and have taken the time to film all of these locations as if the message was put there by God himself and as if  God told everyone to put these messages up.  I guess the $1.25 a day to feed little African children had a better use, like manipulative billboards, to help create fear in the ignorant. I mean come on! They don’t need food or shelter the lord will provide it to all of them soon.  Its a truly sad thing to see we are still dealing with this overt insanity in 2011 and that its OK that people can use fear and propaganda and then get upset when being called out for it!

This Video Via The Thinking Atheist

The belief that Christ will return to earth and bring and free his chosen people has been one of the basic pretexts of Christian belief since the era of Constantine. I know its hard for all of you believers to rationalize that the bronze age book you hold so dear made up of the myths, unicorns and mysticism is not real. However, if you took the time to truly look into your religion you would see the same pattern over and over again with the same result for each generation of believers, a big let down.

If he is coming again and these people are so sure then I propose we get to take ownership of all of their cars, beach houses and other material objects because they are not going to need them anymore and they should make them available to the rest of us on May 20th. I figure if they really believe in this then they would have no problem with this proposal.

Thinking in the spirit of George Carlin, we should tell all of them the second coming will be held at the Grand-canyon and to show up on their oh-so- holy day of March 21 2011. We can call the event “He Is Cumming Again” and sell t-shirts, hats, bumpers stickers and refreshments.  After they are all assembled, we should point to the bottom of the canyon and say ‘he is down there waiting for you all you have to do is jump and he will catch you. I promise.Trust me. He loves you that much’. *George Carlin wink*. After they have all leapt into the Grand Canyon to be with the one and we have their stuff we can now maybe actually do what they talk about with all of their materialism and help some people out in the communities where they live(d).

So when you wake up on May 22nd and the birds are still chirping and the sun is still shining or perhaps raining depending on you location, we can maybe relax in the notion that more people will come back to logic when they realize they have been had yet again. One can only hope they realize that they have been duped in the spirit of superstition begging the question:

Will they finally let go of their irrational behavior and also realize how much money they spent on this campaign of proselytizing in fear to convert more people into dogmatic psychoses?

Well maybe it’s to far-fetched to expect that they let go of their irrational behavior, but for them to realize their actions do have consequences should be a focal point of our plan as well. The party would be fun, but the point is for them to become aware that their bronze age myths need to stay within their personal four walls NOT on billboards around the world.

And being as I am rational, I know my fairytale isn’t going to magically come to light. So  I ask all of you Christians just as this video does- When you are wrong on the 22nd of May do we all get an apology for having to look at you non sense on billboards, buses, train stations, and cars?  Just a simple sorry will suffice.  And please at least take a lesson from this: that you need to put your money where your mouth is and finally spend it in helping your local communities rather than wasting it on needless propaganda.

I hope to see you at the party on May 22! And just think we are the irrational ones!

Kmhilltruth “The Truth Is Out There Keep Looking!!”


Great Explanation For What Religion Really Is

Great video from bullhead entertainment on Youtube

Next time you find yourself in a debate with a crazy religious wing nut, show them this video and watch in awe!! how they cant even recognize who they really are.


Tree At Auburn Symbolism Over Substance

Because one neophyte with a low IQ participates in a rivalry maneuver, all be it an act of vandalism, and I will state I don’t agree with his actions so I will say that up front so as to fend off the potential accusations. I don’t feel it warrants this man having to go to jail for it. A big fine, community service and a public maya copa I understand and this is my case I make for the reason.

One of Auburn University’s biggest contributors and individuals who was allegedly involved in the Cam Newton saga Aka the Yellow Wood guy Jimmy Rane. So in effect, what people of Auburn are saying is it’s ok to except untold amounts of money from an individual who kills trees for a living by the millions per year; however, an individual who kills one tree is some how a master mind criminal who has done an evil injustice to the world.

It’s simply a case of symbolism over true substance. I’m not saying what Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr did was a good thing as I made clear before. I’m just trying to point out how a national title was bought and paid for from a company that kills trees everyday while everyone turns a blind eye. This is the inherent logic that is lacking in people of non thought. It’s where a story permeates for over a week in the media in the south. Where they have symbolic ceremonies for a week where people come and place flowers and other symbols around a tree and actually weep over it and where they set up triage tents around it with’top’ scientists working diligently to save the poor symbol from the clutches of the chainsaw.

It’s a pathetic display of where we are in the era we live in. In the very community this tree resides there are people who are out of work by the thousands going hungry that need people to give them a helping hand but are overlooked. Instead, what’s more important is a tree that connects back to a distraction on Saturdays so rich companies can funnel money through universities with the goal to sell more of their shit on the open market to you and I the consumer with no hesitation on their part. Something is really amiss.

Let’s infuse some pop culture reference into this thought process. The movie Jonny Be Good with Anthony Michael Hall, an 80’s classic, is a great example of what is really important with today’s educational institutions.  Its no longer about higher learning and real education and creating students that think. No,  in the south its about what can be peddled through one of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave shadows on Saturday so more fat white guys can make millions of dollars without ever truly helping the community around them or at large.

When a tree becomes more important than the overall community then you your not living in a community of thought, you are in a community of emotional buffoons that care about nothing more then the bullshit they are spoon fed. So when the chain saw comes for this once mighty old tree remember this: Symbols come and go, but people are more important if we ever hope to move ahead as a culture and be competitive in this global economy.

The Truth Is Out There, Keep looking!!


Scientists Show A Plausible Explanation For Bird & Fish Deaths & It’s Not Sky Fairies

Since we all know christians will never look at logic or reason for real answers this is for the rest of us.
Enjoy!! And keep the debate going!

Gay Scientists Have Isolated the Christian Gene!

From Don Exodus Youtube Channel

This is why we see christians as so crazy because this is what they look like to rational people when they are being bigots.

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Court Strikes Down 10 Ten Commandments Display

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court decision and ruled that the display of the 10 commandments is an explicit endorsement of religion, and thus unconstitutional. I was reading this post from, of all places, a site called ‘The Christian Post’ and for all of you that need a little comedy in your life check out their site  This is an amazing ruling today for real freedom and shows that christian’s are not going to stop at anything until they push their beliefs on all of us.

Picture From

While I was reading the post,  I came across the below statement in the comments section. This really is the foundation of craziness we as
non- believers are dealing with and how strong the delusion is with christian’s.

Christians feel like this is a free speech issue showing they don’t understand what free speech is really about and why a separation of church and state has to exist for this to remain a free county. This country, as all of us that have really read the Constitution and did not have it interpreted through Fox News know, was not founded on christianity.  This is a revision of history that seems to be becoming more prevalent with those in the ranks of religion in 2011 America.

In no way are any religious groups freedoms of speech being violated because of the removal of religious symbols from a public building that is funded by tax payers of all varying beliefs. Christians have the right to the same freedom of speech and assembly we all have. What they are asking for is special rights above and beyond what the rest of us have. What they are saying is The United States Government should mandate to all of us christian belief and we should all just take it. They want us to live in a theocracy of delusional belief that they follow and feel that without it the world is coming to an end.  An example of that is in the statement above where the commenter states he/she actually believes that a natural disaster from a weather system was caused by a fairy in the sky to smite others that don’t believe like they do.

It also shows how they worship something that is so inherently evil and dark that they wish death and destruction on others from the sky that disagree with them- not a lot of love and peace with these people.  This is what we are really dealing with and its hard to believe we are still dealing with this type of irrational thought in 2011.  We wonder why we are so far behind in education because we would rather teach fantasy and imagination than rational math, science, critical thinking and communication.

This type of thought and belief is holding us back from being the true leader in this world we are capable of being and will continue to shackle us as for as long as it exists in our vernacular.  I don’t care about about others beliefs and don’t judge them for it because we all have our own and we are entitled to them. However, what i do know is all of us that don’t believe as christians are sick of having your beliefs shoved down our throats on a daily basis.  They are your beliefs the key word being “belief” and not fact and you need to learn to keep them in your church, your home, in your groups and not in our schools and public buildings.  The rest of us do not think like you. I know that’s hard for you to conceive and hard for you to rationalize- well you would first have to learn what that means in-order to do that. The rest of us are waking up from our fear of saying what we think and we are growing in numbers.  All we want is to live our lives in freedom just like you. We want our children to be educated with the best possible tools available in our society and free of irrational beliefs from the first century of the world so we are growing and moving forward.

If living by the 10 commandments works for you then use it as a tool for you!  The rest of us do not need a document to tell us right and wrong. Right and wrong is innate and we all know the difference between them both. I know it’s hard for all of you that hide in religion to understand, but because religion has hijacked morality does not mean your the purveyor and keepers of it.  Statistics of cultures without religion have far less violence and crime, wonder how that’s possible? Because when you live in truth and not religion you come to realize that you are responsible for your actions and you don’t get to blame them on an adult Santa clause and use it as an excuse to hurt others hiding behind it.