Why Jesus is No Different Than Any Other Brand

If you grew up or live in the Southern region of the United States you will quickly see, if your eyes are open, how much marketing goes into the Jesus brand. I often read and talk to others who don’t really understand how pervasive christian marketing is in the south and could only wish it was as simple as it is in Canada or the UK where people talk about what they believe and go on to the next topic. This is not the case in south.  With all of the billboards, signs and people talking to you about god, it’s hard to distinguish how people can’t see this from any other brand marketing  or multilevel marketing scheme. It’s very difficult to not come in contact with it on a daily basis even when you are not looking for it.  Like Coke, McDonald’s and The Gap- Jesus is the christian product that is like a soft drink in that it has no nutritional need or value in your body. But if you are of an irrational closed mind it’s like the sugar or caffeine high from a soda product that makes you feel good without having to really do anything to receive the feeling & it’s also very addicting.  The difference with other brands mentioned is they at least provide a genuine and real product or service that is tangible and visible to you the consumer after you make a purchase.

It’s difficult to watch people put blind trust not in reality, but in misguided emotion encouraged by people around them that suffer from the same mental condition creating closed off circular logic laden with contradictions that any rational person is capable of seeing  through by the age 9, and that’s of course if you were not indoctrinated at a young age.

For those of you that feel alone in the south, and I know it feels like that sometimes, you are not.  So many others are seeing what you see or have know for a long time. What you have to accept is you will never change any of these irrational people around you until they first take the step to question it themselves. You also have to accept that most of them will never see the truth as long as they are alive. For some this is a really hard pill to swallow and leads to feelings of anger, torment and despair. For now, if you live in a small town outside of the larger cites in the south, you are surrounded by people who think at the level of most adolescents with respect to logic and each day is more frustrating from the next when you are confronted with it.

When you accept the notion that most of the  people around  you are not aware, you will then live your life in happiness and comedy and stay away from those that don’t really want to live at all. I know its hard when its a large part of your social dynamic and it’s even harder when it’s your own family.

The best thing we as non- believers can do in the south is help those that are struggling with religion and let them know its going to be alright and that you have been where they are too. That is assuming you have come out of religion, comfort them in the fact they will make it to.  When you are coming from a region where the brand and cult of Jesus is everywhere I know it’s hard and I have myself overcome the psychosis and hypnosis it creates in you though a very painful struggle to finally living in peace.  As you deprogram yourself more and more each day from the disillusionment of your thoughts you will start to see the real picture that is around and you will realize you have nothing to fear.  When you realize you are surrounded by people that are more concerned with dying and death then living each day you will begin to see that you are not the one living in fear anymore, it’s all of them. You will be among the living and be a person that wants to create and make a difference in this world in the places it really counts the most, with other people.

Like any other brand, they sell it with pure emotion and not logic. If logic was the reason you were drinking soda its safe to say you would not engage in drinking it at all.  The reason you drink one brand or wear a different brand over another is the cognitive emotional connection you have made with it through the repetition of marketing and sexual imagery.  At the end of the day, if a company did not spend billions of dollars a year on getting to your emotions through brand awareness and marketing you would not know the difference between one brand or another and you would give it very little attention.  In fact, you might not even buy it if it wasn’t being constantly sold to you on a daily and yearly basis.

I know to some this is common sense, however those who are still struggling with reality are just learning how the art of marketing works and effects our minds and emotions.  Think if a brand came out and instead said “Color Sugar Water the brand for you! It has the potential of giving you type II diabetes, will make you fat and make you feel like shit when you don’t have it! But it’s GREAT! Color Sugar Water the brand for you”!  Would you drink it? We all know the answer to that question.  So ask your self this question: Has the Jesus brand really helped you or has it created more harm in your life? Self analysis is the way to find the real answers you are searching for and not the opinions of others who are not capable of seeing past the front of their own nose.  I wonder what will happen when religion really finds out how to market Jesus with sex as the message, how many more people will come a running to their brand blindly then?

So remember with all brands, if they can’t appeal to your emotions you will never use the product and if you still are struggling with the addiction of the product seek support from others who have gotten off the product cold turkey and you will finally open your mind a little further and not let the power of marketing effect your emotions again. Clear decisions are the way to live because when your mind is clear you will make much better rationalizations for both your mind and body.

Kmhill Truth!! Keep opening your mind! The more you do the more you will finally be apart of the living!

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