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I have been visiting my parents the past couple of days and it became apparent to me just how much they still, after all this time, hold on to their religious beliefs after 59 years.  I’m afraid they will never let go of their beliefs no matter how calm you talk to them they are unable to see the trees beyond the forest it hurts them to much to think outside of what they have been taught.

After all of these years, I’m still very hesitant to fully let them into my lack of belief in God because I’m afraid I will end up letting them down or worse I will somehow hurt them in a mental way and as a conscience being I don’t want to hurt them.

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I have made it clear to them in the nicest possible way my beliefs but it is obvious they believe it’s only a phase I’m going through and I will come back to their thinking, so I find it best to leave it that way.

I know it has to be hard for others sometimes when you are with family or friends that you dearly care about but you have come to the same conclusion that in this life time they will never see what you see forever clinging onto their belief no matter how many times it lets them down. They will always be apologists for their god, never being willing to realize it’s their decisions all along that are guiding them.

We, that have lived long enough, know that as time goes by life tends to throw us curve balls that we have not intended to be a part of our own life plans. We realize it’s not something or some force that is orchestrating these events-  it’s just life.  The best plan I have found after overcoming religion is no plan at all and to just enjoy life.  I’m not talking about carelessly and aimlessly wondering without any conscience thought. I’m talking about 90 day chunks of time work the best, not 5 & 10 year goal plans that will never turn out the way you thought. I find this method tends to only set you up for disappointment and a feeling of never being satisfied.  90 day chunks of time give you a good clear vision to see what is possible and to take real action toward the attainment of things you really want to accomplish in your life. It also reminds you that life is short and requires you still take the time to stop and smell the roses while going after things. It helps you to enjoy the process and the journey instead of just the end result.

If you are like most atheists, agnostics or non religious people you truly have a sense that what you do now is what counts and this is not a dress rehearsal like those preaching from the pulpit want you to believe. To Christians, its a dress up puppet show for god so he can see how you preform and he can collect money from you through out your stay on his ball of blue dust.

You have one life, live it well, take care of your self, help others in your community be something of value so as to inspire greatness in others so they can one day do the same.  It’s all of us that make this world and not the friends living in your head.

The day I fully got off of my knees and stopped being an apologist for Jesus is the day I began the process of putting my own life together brick by brick, piece by piece in a positive way.  I guess all of the time in the past I spent praying I finally realized it was no different than wasting time watching prime time television or dancing with the stars.  It’s a great distraction but the issues are still there until you face them yourself and take care of them without excuse or the invisible man as your guide, crutch or reason for not dealing with them head on.

A great example of this in the news in our culture today would be the ongoing natural disasters in Japan.  The religious side wants to take the time and pray and collect your money so a lightning bolt from the sky will take care of everything. Like tens of thousands of people killed, nuclear power plants melting down and millions of people displaced from their homes will just like magic go away. All from praying about it.

The funny thing is how much hypocrisy is in the religious view yet again with this issue. Last time I checked, do they not believe that god is all knowing all omnipotent?  So if that’s the case, would praying about this not be a futile cause and also smiting their god?  Or was this an accident by god where he was changing a bolt on Jupiter while giving it its 1 billion mile check up and by accident he dropped his wrench into the ocean thus creating the tsunami and earthquake?  That’s what praying is, a waste of time, and an act that justifies to the selfish individual an excuse they don’t have to really help anyone.  Because of course,  if you pray god will take care of all of it “nothing to worry about he’s got it”and as a christian you can now go back to your mocha latte, Chick-fil-a sandwich and your first century text book and hide.

So to you Christians, if this was an act of your god then he is a very sick man in need of a tremendous dose of lithium. It’s personal action that will help these people and that requires you getting off of your knees and for the first time helping others that really need you and not the imaginary friends that live inside of your head.  I’m afraid what we will instead see are churches using this tragedy to prey upon people through fear that god will not do this to them because he loves you and he needs checks to replace the wrench he dropped while working on Jupiter and he promises to wear a tool belt next time, so please forgive him because he forgives you.

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