The fear of death & The beginning of coming out of delusion

The fear of death & the beginning of coming out of delusion.

There are many layers to the process of coming out of religion and controlled belief.  No single thought is more terrifying as the fear of death and one of the first major hurdles one has to make it over before you truly let go of religion and the effects on your psyche.

The reason you experience this sensation and fear it so much is because it’s the first time you have ever had to come to grips with how finite your life is and that you can’t waste it anymore the way you have.
You fear death because you were programed to believe that what you did now did not mater and the world was a broken place.  You then came to the realization that we all make the world and the world around us and it was not from the sky.  It’s a very strong and overwhelming experience, one that makes you have so much fear inside that you believe your going to die at any moment and it makes you feel like your having an outer body experience and you think that people around you think your crazy even though they don’t have a clue of what your thinking or struggling with in your head.

We all have our way of walking through this phase of overcoming religion and for some they get over it quickly and for others it takes significantly more time.  I know for me it took 4 years until this sensation went away and I overcame it through going skydiving.  It was a moment in my life where I fully let go and committed to the unknown from 15 thousand feet, free falling for 1 min.  When my feet hit the ground or I slid on my but however you want to look at it, I was forever changed because from that day on I never felt that awful sensation religion conditions you to feel each day. It went away and I could breath for the first time since I was a kid. When this sensation goes away you will begin to exponentially grow faster in your mind every day and make peace inside with yourself in ways you never thought possible.  You will enjoy your life everyday and know that each moment counts not the bill of false goods you were sold.  You won’t hesitate in your seeking of new things to experience and you will see your life as an adventure meant to be lived and not spent walled behind a white picket fence in a fabricated house full of materialistic objects that can’t have a conversation with you and give you anything back other then a receipt and a wasted day at the mall.

What you fear truly is living because you have never done it before. Instead you were lured into believing you were just fine after you died and you would become an invisible space vampire granted eternal life from a hippy father figure that supposedly lived thousands of years ago because a book told you that your were supposed to believe it. Very simple put that’s the absurdity you are breaking inside so really look at what it is and face it.

What you should do now is be grateful and thankful that you have a chance to live and know what it feels like to be alive each day and how meaningful that notion truly is.  Don’t be afraid of one more day in your life !! You won’t even know why you have been fighting yourself so hard when you feel alive.  Embrace the fact you can feel air in your lungs, the birds are chirping and the sun feels good on your skin and that is without one chemical in your body other than the one on your shoulders.  I know I’m being far to casual about this.  I was so scared when I was going through this that I became paralyzed from it to the point of having panic attacks everyday.

I have not experienced the fear of death in many years now and infact I fear more not living life to the fullest each day and doing my best to leave something behind of value that will help others many years after I’m not here.  If you are in this phase of breaking religion, do not give up because it’s the finish line after you break this.  I don’t mean that life will become magical and easy I just mean you will finally appreciate the little things in life, the simple. Only you will know when you are there because it will be the moment you don’t fear your life but rather how much you appreciate every moment of it and your experiences will then become deeper, more fulfilling and have more meaning than they ever had when you were on you knees talking to your imaginary friend.

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