Should Christians Be Classified As Terrorists?

I am posing this question in the wake of Blair Scott appearing on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and the reactions we have had the opportunity to read from the viewers of Fox news viewers who claim to be loving caring Christians.  A lawsuit has been filed by the American Atheists in New York to stop a religious symbol from being displayed at the former site of the World Trade Center which is propagating this ongoing debate.

We, in the United States, have been told since September 11, 2001 that are biggest threat facing us and our way of life was Muslim extremists who wanted us dead and to destroy America.

Fast forward ten years later and ask yourself a question, have you been threatened by or affected by any of these groups? We all know the answer is no. Contrast that with the threats from Christians we as Atheist Americans with which we have had to deal. I feel more threatened by my christian neighbors and Americans who claim to be Christian and not a make believe hate group concocted to justify an ongoing war.

Click here to read how your friendly neighborhood Christians feel about those who don’t think the way they do.

American Christians have now threatened the lives of other Americans because of their belief in an invisible being. In the past they would keep their passive aggressive hate to themselves, today they expect those who do not believe as they do to assimilate and bow down to them as they continue to push their way into everything in this country and attempt to re-write history and make the populace believe we are a Christian nation when nothing could be further from the truth.

The argument to religious symbolism at Ground Zero should be simple.  Not one religious group should have the right to place any symbol or be represented at this site, because without religion this tragedy would have never taken place.  Placing a cross at this site would be no different than Jackie O wearing a sniper riffle pendent around her neck after President Kennedy was assassinated.

Christians have this notion that we in this county should have to follow what ever they say because their belief supersedes anyone or anything else, including the constitution. Religion and delusional belief is what brought down the Towers on 911 and not Free thinking non believers.  I lost friends on that day and I know so many others that lost close family members, wives, husbands and children.  Placing a cross at this place is an insult to all of those people who lost their lives because one group thinks their invisible super hero is more powerful than another when all of them are the same invisible imaginary friends that do not have place in a society that is in need of progression.

So the question posed, are Christians Terrorists? That depends on your definition of terrorists. I think threatening the lives of people in your own country who don’t believe as you do would constitute a ‘yes’ answer.  Was it not George W. Bush Jr. that told us even words were a threat to our liberty? Maybe its time we take each one of these Christians that have spewed all of this hate on Facebook as serious threats as we did every other group and send them to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for a good waterbording and interrogation. If its good for one delusional group it should be good for all, if they are threatening innocent Americans that are just trying to live a life of peace and freedom.
It is rationalism that will get us out of this fake war on terror and bad economy and letting go of the delusion that got us there in the first place.  Religion is destroying our nation and its time we take it back.

KM Hill Truth Keep seeking the truth from life.


About kmhilltruth
I am a writer on the subject of the deplorable and manipulative nature of religion.

One Response to Should Christians Be Classified As Terrorists?

  1. Very nice article. Some Christians are just angry hypocritical thugs who would gladly cause harm to another person for the sake of “God and Jesus”. Now not all Christians are like that mind you, some are very kind (if irrational) people who just want to live their lives.

    On the topic of the actual Cross, it most definitely should not be placed. A secular monument would accomplish the same goal,

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